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Mike freelances as a cinematographer, photographer and videographer in New York. During August 2009 he took and passed a Tiffen Steadicam course for the Pilot and FlyerLE systems. He also holds a BSCE from Manhattan College and a valid FCC extra class amateur radio license with 5 wpm morse code certifcation. In 2005 he began exploring the world of photography, volunteering as a photographer for the Manhattan College Quadrangle Newspaper as well as photographing architecture and lanscapes in his spare time. He taught himself the basics of using DSLRs, learning both Canon and Nikon systems and became familiar with off camera strobe lighting techiques. After graduating he began learning the basics of editing both photos and video using Sony Vegas and Adobe Photoshop while attending graduate school for computer engineering at Manhattan College.


In 2009 Mike decided to jump into the world of videography with the purchase of a used Panasonic DVX100A. While learning the differences between the still and motion picture Mike also began exploring portrait photography. He learned to work with many talented people from models, designers, stylists, hair and makeup artists to produce amazing artwork. He picked up practical experience shooting in studio and on location. Mike honed his technical expertise in lighting and composition in non-ideal environments. At the same time he was also refining his videography skills covering various events including sports and weddings while working with several production companies. This was all done while he attended graduate school.


After learning the basics of videography Mike began to freelance part time with the Examiner News paper as a photographer, starting in 2010. In addition to this he began to explore the independent film industry by working on set as a stills photographer. Shortly thereafter he began learning the different production roles of each department and started learning how to operate a sound mixer and boom mic.


In early 2011 Mike saw his first chance to take on the role of a cinematographer on a friend's independent movie trailer. Since then Mike has worked on many projects as a camera operator, cinematographer and director of photography. He's also worked as an AC, gaffer, PA, sound mixer, boom op, grip, electric, and associate producer.


In his spare time Mike likes to read, hike, camp, collect fossils, and homebrew electronic gadgets. He also can sometimes be found composing music in FL Studio. More recently in the beginning of 2017 Mike took on learning sewing and clothing design; he's currently aspiring to design cocktail and evening wear for women.

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